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Zen features a mixture of natural elegance and sophisticated glamour. Bamboo comes alive in hues of sage green and teal, while grasscloths embrace their Earthy tones. Metallics intertwine with jute and mica chips sparkle in silver, gold, and bronze hues. 

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Bodhin Beige Mica Chip

This neutral conglomerate reveals hidden treasures beneath this mica wallpaper's pale exterior. Hints of gold, silver, and blush combine for a sublime shine.
USD $3.33 USD $2.5/Sq Ft.

Chimon Khaki Paper Weave

A tightly woven neutral with hints of cream to add light and texture. This is the perfect grasscloth to match any room.
USD $6.11 USD $4.58/Sq Ft.

Choon Charcoal Mica Chip

A charcoal black is embellished with pops of shining mica and a sparkly wallpaper. Natural elements mix with metallic colors for an industrial feel.
USD $3.33 USD $2.5/Sq Ft.

Chuso Wheat Grasscloth

Delicate strands of taupe weave catch the light in a simple, yet captivating way in this grasscloth wallpaper. Details begin to emerge of knotted strands and darker threads within the grass.
USD $2.78 USD $2.08/Sq Ft.

Daido Quartz Mica

A cool, olive grey taupe that redefines what it means to be neutral. Every piece catches the light creating dazzling array of shine in this mica wallpaper. Flecks of black are peppered throughout, adding visual intrigue.
USD $3.89 USD $1.94/Sq Ft.

Danan Honey Grasscloth

A beautiful golden honey color brings in a hue of happiness to this classic grasscloth. Tightly woven and textured, this design is sure to please.
USD $5.28 USD $2.64/Sq Ft.

Dazo Neutral Grasscloth

Bring the beach into your home with this stunning weave. All of the colors of the sand and sea grass make this grasscloth a little piece of paradise.
USD $1.94 USD $1.46/Sq Ft.

Endo Neutral Grasscloth

Hints of pistachio and ash grey add intrigue to this natural design, as if the grasscloth weave came straight from a hidden marsh.
USD $1.94 USD $1.46/Sq Ft.

Fuso Sterling Paper Weave

Multi tonal stripes and a silver sparkle combine preppy and glam in this paper weavewallpaper. Grasses in grey and taupe create unexpected pinstripes while a silver background catches the light.
USD $3.89 USD $2.92/Sq Ft.

Gisei Green Grasscloth

A warm sage green creates a bold statement in this thickly woven bamboo wallpaper. Bright and lively, yet sophisticated and serene, this is the perfect calming shade for any room.
USD $3.89 USD $2.92/Sq Ft.

Hakaku Birch Wood Veneers

A unique new wood veneer wallpaper featuring a thin stripe pattern. A satin pearlescence and alternating wood grains make this pattern stand out from the rest.
USD $15.56 USD $7.78/Sq Ft.

Han Me Silver Foil Grass

The opposition of nature and city meet in this metallic grasscloth wallpaper. A shimmering silver enhances the natural look of the medium width grass stripes.
USD $3.89 USD $2.92/Sq Ft.

Heiki Light Grey Grasscloth

Matte grey mixes with the natural grass for a coastal feel. An abundance of woven texture makes a statement in this neutral grasscloth wallpaper.
USD $1.94 USD $1.46/Sq Ft.

Heisoku Slate Grasscloth

A taupe grasscloth weave runs along top a slate grey background, making each strand pop. This masculine wallpaper would be the perfect way to add dimension to any room.
USD $3.33 USD $2.5/Sq Ft.

Hozo Sterling Mica

The beauty of nature astonishes the viewer in this mica wallpaper. Light shines off in all directions and in a sophisticated manner. A rough texture contrasts the airiness of the sparkle.
USD $3.89 USD $2.92/Sq Ft.

Jimyo Light Brown Wall Cork

Hints of pink and purple cast over this unique cork stripe wallpaper. A cushy, uneven, texture reminds the viewer of the natural elements in this design.
USD $6.58 USD $4.93/Sq Ft.

Jissai Mariner Blue Grasscloth

A washed cobalt blue background adds a pop of color in this grasscloth wallpaper. The combination of the blue and the natural grass reminds the viewer of an evening stroll on the sea shore.
USD $1.94 USD $1.46/Sq Ft.

Junpo Wheat Grasscloth

A natural grasscloth that upholds the integrity of the plant base it is made from. Flecks of brown are scattered throughout adding a touch of intrigue.
USD $3.33 USD $2.5/Sq Ft.

Kai Linen Grasscloth

A bright, cool toned medium width weave that will bring light to any room. The beauty of a light color with the dimension of a grasscloth.
USD $2.78 USD $2.08/Sq Ft.

Kando Teal Grasscloth

A beautiful teal pops in this thick bamboo wallpaper. A light sea green background peeks in between the reeds, adding light and color.
USD $3.89 USD $2.92/Sq Ft.

Keijo Champagne Mica

Add dimension to your space with this amazing sparkling mica wallpaper. A champagne background bounces the light off the mica glitter. Undertones of a cool grey keep the design fresh and modern.
USD $3.89 USD $2.92/Sq Ft.

Keisho Celery Paper Weave

A light green weave is an unexpected color that gives a silken shine. Knotted pieces add dimension and additional texture throughout. A honey background adds warmth to this green paper weavewallpaper.
USD $2.78 USD $2.08/Sq Ft.

Kenjitsu Mint Grasscloth

An unexpected mint green modernizes this traditional grasscloth wallpaper. A taupe grey weave centers the design and adds thin stripes of texture.
USD $3.33 USD $2.5/Sq Ft.

Kenshin Neutral Grasscloth

A natural design sure to give a feeling of peace and calm in any room. The smooth grasscloth weave embraces the beauty of nature.
USD $3.33 USD $2.5/Sq Ft.

Konpo Neutral Wood Veneers

A beautiful parquet style wood veneer wallpaper. Squares of alternating grains create a checkered pattern that is simple yet stunning.
USD $12 USD $6/Sq Ft.

Kori Khaki Grasscloth

A taupe background shimmers in a silver paper, offsetting the natural three strand weave of the top layer, which has hints of silver. This textured design combines opulence and nature in a stunning grasscloth wallpaper.
USD $3.89 USD $2.92/Sq Ft.

Kyodo Neutral Grasscloth

An open weave grasscloth balances the natural tones of the grass with the bright cream background. Add a natural element and brighten any room.
USD $1.94 USD $1.46/Sq Ft.

Meho Neutral Grasscloth

The variegated colors in this natural grasscloth bring to mind the beaches of a coastal sea and the softly rolling grass along the shore. Honey and taupe tones balance one another for a perfect neutral color palette.
USD $1.94 USD $1.46/Sq Ft.

Mitta Light Green Grasscloth

A light sage green is a pretty background for this small weave grasscloth wallpaper. Thin strips of white, taupe, and cream wind along the top of the paper.
USD $6.11 USD $4.58/Sq Ft.

Mugen Light Green Grasscloth

In an unexpected twist, the weave of this grasscloth wallpaper provides the element of color in a beautiful silvery green shade.
USD $3.33 USD $2.5/Sq Ft.

Mukan Warm Grasscloth

One of the warmest designs in the collection, this golden honey grasscloth will create a cozy feeling in even the largest of rooms.
USD $2.78 USD $2.08/Sq Ft.

Mutei Sage Grasscloth

Both the background and the weave of this unique and beautiful grasscloth wallpaper are a wonderful light sage green. Hues of tan run throughout and the natural shine of the grass catches the light.
USD $5.28 USD $3.96/Sq Ft.

Myogen Golden Green Grasscloth

A beautiful mix of blue and green combine to create this unique colorway. Hints of blue and taupe ring throughout the grasscloth and flecks of brown show the natural color of the weave.
USD $3.89 USD $2.92/Sq Ft.

Myoki Neutral Grasscloth

A natural grasscloth wallpaper transforms with shades of grey and honey. A subtle blue green background makes this the perfect cool toned neutral paper for any room.
USD $3.33 USD $2.5/Sq Ft.

Myoki Wheat Grasscloth

A bright, warm toned medium width grasscloth with a subtle shine. Darker accents are woven throughout in the natural makeup of the grass.
USD $2.78 USD $2.08/Sq Ft.

Nonen Champagne Paper Weave

A beautiful champagne and silver shimmer adds a pop of sparkle underneath a three strand open weave. Add a glamorous element to your space with this classic grasscloth.
USD $3.89 USD $1.94/Sq Ft.

Onko Sage Grasscloth

This neutral grasscloth wallpaper would go well with any pop of color. The light wash will brighten any room. A subtle green background highlights the intricacies of the weave.
USD $2.78 USD $2.08/Sq Ft.

Popun Light Green Grasscloth

A beautiful pale green creates a serene calm in this grasscloth wallpaper. It is the perfect color for the city or the sea. Hints of brown and honey give depth to the thin weave.
USD $2.78 USD $2.08/Sq Ft.

Purna Grey Grasscloth

This masculine neutral grasscloth wallpaper combines grey, taupe, and tan in a mixture of light and dark that juxtaposes the natural elements in the paper.
USD $6.11 USD $4.58/Sq Ft.

Reju Charcoal Grasscloth

A woodsy, masculine color pallete creates drama in this thickly woven design. Multiple shades of grass give a rustic feel that is balanced out with an industrial charcoal background.
USD $1.94 USD $1.46/Sq Ft.

Ryotan Wheat Paper Weave

A gorgeous basket weave using a combination of grass and jute strands, gives this paper weavea warm feeling that would be perfect in any room.
USD $5.28 USD $3.96/Sq Ft.

Saigen Chocolate Wall Cork

Warm chocolate brown stripes give a hardwood feel to this plush cork wallpaper. Hints of dark brown and chestnut highlight the intricate detail in the cork's natural features.
USD $6.58 USD $4.93/Sq Ft.

Seiju Wheat Grasscloth

Warmth surrounds this design with a naturally variegated honey weave and chocolate background. Subtle pistachio green and cream add dimension to this natural grasscloth.
USD $1.94 USD $1.46/Sq Ft.

Shinko Champagne Grasscloth

A cool calm surrounds this natural grasscloth design. A tightly woven structure adds dimension and texture to this solid colored paper.
USD $3.33 USD $2.5/Sq Ft.

Tai Xi Cream Grasscloth

Texture and shine characterize this open weave grasscloth wallpaper. A subtle silver background makes the light colored woven grass pop.
USD $3.89 USD $2.92/Sq Ft.

Taipo Champagne Grasscloth

A tightly woven grasscloth wallpaper with a subtle satin finish. Strands of naturally darker pieces of grass run throughout creating a heathered appearance.
USD $3.33 USD $2.5/Sq Ft.

Taisen Brown Grasscloth

An Earthy brown background and taupe overlay grounds this luxurious grasscloth wallpaper. Hints of dark chocolate brown and the subtle sheen of the weave add dimension and texture.
USD $3.33 USD $2.5/Sq Ft.

Tennen Wheat Wall Cork

A simple design which embraces the random patterns found in nature. Warm honeys characterize this natural cork color with undertones of brown and grey that make the veins of the cork wallpaper pop.
USD $3.46 USD $2.6/Sq Ft.

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