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The Zinc wallpaper collection brings vibrant pops of color to walls, with graphic punch. Trendy zebra and alligator patterns and very vogue retro prints play nicely with damasks and paisleys. With a la mode evocations of vintage bird cages, pop-art renditions of roses, bohemian remixes of traditional prints, and gorgeous textures to complete every look, Zinc is a sophisticated compilation of high fashion wallpaper designs. 

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Adelaide Charcoal Ogee Floral

This ogee floral wallpaper reveals a voluptuous trellis and a swirling garden silhouette. Charcoal grey, flocked by shimmering pewter hues.
$88.00 $74.80

Adelaide Lavender Ogee Floral

Sophisticated, with a hint of enchantment, this pale silvery purple wallpaper unfurls a gorgeous floral trellis design.
$88.00 $74.80

Adelaide Light Brown Ogee Floral

This gorgeous ogee floral wallpaper unfurls layers of lovely onto walls. A subtle woven texture rests beneath a glittering taupe floral silhouette, artfully presented in a curvaceous framework.

Adelaide Light Green Ogee Floral

This ogee trellis wallpaper has an enchanted shimmer in silvery sage and moss green.
$88.00 $74.80

Adelaide Taupe Ogee Floral

Like a beautiful trellis, revealing an enchanted garden beyond, this champagne taupe wallpaper unfurls a lovely pattern for your walls.
$88.00 $74.80

Aidan Champagne Texture

An enchanted texture for walls, with opalescent pearl and taupe.
$98.00 $83.30

Aidan Charcoal Texture

A sassy texture wallpaper with a mod shimmer in charcoal and starlight silver.
$98.00 $83.30

Aidan Lavender Texture

This pale lavender wallpaper softens walls, warming up décor and also imparting a hint of glamour with a silver accent.
$98.00 $83.30

Aidan Silver Texture

A warm texture wallpaper with a contemporary allure, in moonlight silver and white.
$98.00 $83.30

Aidan Taupe Texture Wallpaper

A warm texture wallpaper with chic gold accents and an alluring taupe sophistication.
$98.00 $83.30

Aidan White Texture

A sophisticated white wallpaper with a kiss of silver.
$98.00 $83.30

Ashbury Aqua Paisley Damask Wallpaper

This retro-chic paisley wallpaper is swirled with a shimmering brass detail. A fusion of Persian and bohemian style in earth tones and aqua blue.
$78.00 $66.30

Ashbury Beige Paisley Damask Wallpaper

A love child paisley pattern, this bohemian wallpaper is dusted with a Persian royalty streak of gold.
$78.00 $66.30

Ashbury Grey Paisley Damask Wallpaper

This groovy paisley wallpaper has a Persian flower child vibe in varied grey and metallic silver hues.
$78.00 $66.30

Ashbury Lavender Paisley Damask Wallpaper

A groovy paisley wallpaper in delicate lavender and smoke hues, with a delightful silver finish.
$78.00 $66.30

Ashbury Taupe Paisley Damask Wallpaper

This vivacious wallpaper combines the global-chic allure of paisley with the glamour of a damask. Retro taupe and refined greys with a delightful silver shimmer.
$78.00 $66.30

Avian Black Bird Cages

Luscious taupe suede and glossy black ink on an eggshell finish. This gorgeous birdcage wallpaper brings a contemporary allure to a vintage pattern.
$98.00 $83.30

Avian Green Bird Cages

Exhibiting a lofty fashion sense, with suede and gel ink accents, this wallpaper takes vintage inspiration to mod heights. Chartreuse and grey birdcages are displayed on a platinum pearl finish.
$98.00 $83.30

Avian Pink Bird Cages

Vintage bird cages are presented in a contemporary graphic arrangement. Juicy hot pink under chic black and white inks makes an irresistible fashion statement.
$98.00 $83.30

Avian Taupe Bird Cages

A spellbinding opalescent taupe entices the eye through an eclectic display of vintage birdcages. Gorgeous taupe suede accents and a radiant pearl finish lend a contemporary drama to this fresh wallpaper.
$98.00 $83.30

Calista Beige Modern Rose

Like modern love story, this romantic rose wallpaper is a pop art accent for your décor. Fresh pearl, beneath taupe suede.
$98.00 $83.30

Calista Black Modern Rose

A sexy and contemporary wallpaper in black and polished pewter. Large-scale, glamorous roses make a romantic fashion statement.
$98.00 $83.30

Calista Grey Modern Rose

This very contemporary rose wallpaper has a pop art feel. Glossy black and white suede roses pop on a matte grey texture.
$98.00 $83.30

Calista Pink Modern Rose

A pop art wallpaper with contemporary romantic drama. Matte fuchsia peeks out behind glossy black and white suede roses.
$98.00 $83.30

Calista Taupe Modern Rose

Glamorous and romantic, this modern wallpaper creates a pop art rose garden in taupe and white. Features chic suede accents.
$98.00 $83.30

Circulate Pearl Retro Orb

An iridescent pearl finish brings contemporary enchantment to walls in this mod wallpaper.
$78.00 $66.30

Circulate Purple Retro Orb

A decadent plum hue immediately establishes this mod wallpaper as a style icon. The retro orb design is stroked with a fine shimmer for extra impact.
$78.00 $66.30

Circulate Sepia Retro Orb

This retro wallpaper design gets a mod uplift in shimmering sepia, warm taupe and cream.
$78.00 $66.30

Circulate Silver Retro Orb

A glamorous silver wallpaper, bringing contemporary stylings to a retro pattern for an ultra-chic boutique effect.
$78.00 $66.30

Circulate White Retro Orb

A retro wallpaper design with contemporary drama in silver and grey on white.
$78.00 $66.30

Croc Mauve Crocodile

This very vogue wallpaper creates the high fashion drama of crocodile skin in a shimmering plum hue.
$78.00 $66.30

Croc Silver Crocodile

A crocodile wallpaper with modern glamour in sassy silver.
$78.00 $66.30

Croc White Crocodile

A luxe white alligator wallpaper, enhanced by a dazzling platinum shimmer detail.
$78.00 $66.30

Dahli Brown Floral Trail

This beautiful brown floral wallpaper evokes a cultivated Jacobean silhouette, with rich metallic undertones and suede accents.
$98.00 $83.30

Dahli Pewter Floral Trail

A sophisticated floral wallpaper, where contemporary meets global-chic. A radiant pewter finish is majestic beyond a black suede Jacobean trail.
$98.00 $83.30

Dahli Taupe Floral Trail

Cultivate your decor with this luscious floral silhouette wallpaper. Boutique style distress effects and a suede accented floral trail in stylized cream and taupe.
$98.00 $83.30

Deliah Pearl Watercolor Dahlia

The splendor of a watercolor dahlia painting with an iridescent pearl finish.
$78.00 $66.30

Deliah Purple Watercolor Dahlia

This botanical wallpaper masterfully creates a plush purple watercolor detail for walls. The large scale lends a contemporary beauty.
$78.00 $66.30

Deliah Sepia Watercolor Dahlia

Delightful, and artistically rendered, this radiant floral wallpaper has the look of a watercolor painting on a polished gunmetal grey finish.
$78.00 $66.30

Deliah White Watercolor Dahlia

A glamorous white and silver wallpaper with the sophisticated beauty of a watercolor painting.
$78.00 $66.30

Dynasty Black Paisley Wallpaper

The sassy stylings of black on white, enlightened by drops of glitter. This paisley wallpaper is high fashion, with a cultured allure.
$98.00 $83.30

Dynasty Charcoal Paisley Wallpaper

This boutiques style paisley wallpaper draws on Persian influences. A midnight charcoal suede motif with copper accents, on a polished pewter background.
$98.00 $83.30

Dynasty Light Grey Paisley Wallpaper

A gorgeous paisley wallpaper, exhibiting regal Persian influences in pearl and silver, with a lavender grey suede.
$98.00 $83.30

Dynasty Taupe Paisley Wallpaper

Alluring and cultured, this paisley wallpaper evokes a Persian boutique style in warm taupe and gold, with suede accents.
$98.00 $83.30

Jolie Beige Floral Toss

This romantic wallpaper flourishes a vintage toile pattern with modern scale in supple taupe and pearl.
$88.00 $74.80

Jolie Cream Floral Toss

Like the brilliant scribblings of a botanical artist, this floral wallpaper borrows a French toile style in chic black, white and taupe.
$88.00 $74.80

Jolie Green Floral Toss

This graphic and chic wallpaper finds the alluring balance of vintage and contemporary, with toile style flowers and verdant accents.
$88.00 $74.80

Manuscript Beige Letter Font

Poetry for your walls, where regal fonts are displayed in a playful display. This letter wallpaper has a haute boutique style in opalescent beige, gold, and black with gel ink and suede accents.
$98.00 $83.30

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